Sunday, November 6, 2011

Microsoft's 1999 Homepage. Disingenuous Much?

Check out Microsoft's homepage from 1999 and Bill Gate's apparent concern with privacy and security. lol. The veritable orgy of ball-dropping since then defies belief but back then using the right business "e-speak" was all you needed to convince people you had things under control.

See also the link to the propaganda piece entitled "Microsoft and the freedom to innovate" along with the gavel symbolizing the DoJ's oppression. Freedom to innovate seemingly meant Windows ME, ActiveX, a web browser that was essentially an open telnet server. This of course was around the time Microsoft was being dragged through the courts in the US for being an anti-competitive monopoly. They eventually settled with the DoJ by offering to give free software licenses to schools and certain  non-profits, thereby further increasing their market share. Go figure.


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